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im sorry, my heart rate glitched. VERSION 1.1 // robots in love and humans in love and lots of glitches and beeps.

VERSION 1.1 UPDATE // due to suggestions a few songs have been added. let me know if you have any more suggestions, and please spread this new version around!

01. yeah, i’m in love with an android // say hi to your mom 02. robots in love // beautiful small machines 03. beta love // ra ra riot 04. robot heart // hawksley workman 05. circuit love // S.H.E. 06. dear child (good old war version) // anthony green 07. electric lady // janelle monae 08. if i only had a heart (wizard of oz) // bm & jh 09. kokoro // shiroko 10. binary love // the rakes 11. honeybee // steam powered giraffe 12. something about us // daft punk 13. robots // dan mangan 14. coin operate boy // the dresden dolls 15. don’t unplug me // all caps 16. electric feel // mgmt

new tracks:

17. robots may break your heart // riverboat gamblers 18. in tokyo // studio killers 19. together in electric dreams // giorgio moroder & phil oakley 20. machine (EXO english acoustic cover) // zoe wilson 21. be human // scott matthew

listen here

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save my heart

save my heart - jason reeves // cold coffee - ed sheeran // ride - somo // how long will i love you - ellie goulding // drunk in love - beyonce // stuck on stupid - chris brown // fool - jessica lowndes // because of you - neyo //  angel with a shotgun - the cab // beautiful - secrets in stereos // gravity - sara bareilles // still into you - paramore // intoxicated - the cab // adore you - miley cyrus

l i s t e n



so as a thank you for my 600 followers, i made this lil thing. it’s sort of 2 months overdue, but whatever. i hope yall like it, and special thanks to marley for letting me release this!

  • pls dont like steal it thats mean
  • don’t take any of the graphics i s2g
  • there is an option to change the background color of the sidebar, not seen in the preview
  • the gradient isn’t mine, it’s harryassists
  • the original theme, created by harryassists, can be found here

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BY AWKWARDPSDS; This psd is one of our resources, please give like or reblog if you download, this means so much for us. Don’t repost or claim as yours. Thank you. DOWNLOAD→ cl

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for the day: perfect songs for singing in your car with your windows down and the sun on top of you.

i. best day of my life - american authors | ii. boomerang - the summer set | iii. young volcanoes - fall out boy | iv. wild heart - the vamps | v. this is an adventure - the lighthouser and the whaler | vi. these streets - bastille | vii. sex - the 1975 | viii. why don’t we go there - one direction | ix. sun shy - dresses | x. forget about you - R5 | xi. alone together - fall out boy | xii. i blame you - plug on the stereo | xiii. like or like like - miniature tigers | xv. afterglow - the crookes | xvi. lighting in a bottle - the summer set


for the night: relaxing mixes to listen while looking at the dark window of the train / car you’re travelling by

i. slow it down - the lumineers | ii. i will follow you into the dark - daniela andrade | iii. a world alone - lorde | iv. why’d you only call me when you’re high (acoustic) - arctic monkeys | v. medicine - daughter | vi. for the first time - the scripts | vii. the girl - city and colour | viii. lonelily - damien rice | ix. old pine - ben howard | x. first day of my life - mathieu saikaly | xi. pompeii - bear’s den | xii. atlas hands - benjamin francis leftwich | xiii. hero - family of the year | xiv. what about today (live) - lewis watson | xv. please don’t say you love me - gabrielle aplin | xvi. redeeming love - amy stroup


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Four more though come on guys I’ll do like a strip tease or something

Very sorry if I drunk post later on or throughout the night we’re playing the spring breakers drinking game..


Do you know any master list's for writing prompts?


Here are some writing prompts I found!



Under this cut you can find #407 HQ gifs of SASHA PIETERSE None of these gifs are mine so full credit goes to the owners of those gifs. Make sure you like/reblog if you used or saved this gif hunt.


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